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Some Search/New Content suggestions

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When I view New Content I get


Clicking on the Icon AND the title SEEM to do the same thing. It would be great if we could have the icon take us to the first unread while clicking on the title would take us to the first page. It doesn't make sense if both the icon and the title takes you to the same place.

In watched content this behaviour should be duplicated (even more so under watched content) . Right now you only get a linked title and that never takes you to your first unread post.

Also, I find clicking through search results to be frustrating. For instance - I search for Ajax and click a topic title which takes me to a post somewhere in the thread where Ajax is indeed mentioned, but what about the previous mentions of Ajax in the thread? I am assuming that it takes you to the latest mention of your search keyword(s) - but it seems sort of unintuitive to me - meh. Maybe it is just me but if I want that kind of result - I would just choose to display results in a post format as I usually find myself having to scroll back (and sometimes go to earlier pages) just to catch the context of the discussion.

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