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Chat count on enter/exit messages


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I know it may not sound like much, but to have a count of how many people are in the chat added to the enter/exit messages would be useful. So when looking through the logs, it's easier to know how many people were in at the time without having to try to keep count. Especially useful if someone is saying they couldn't get into the chat at a certain time because of it being full, it'd be easy to look and see if it really was full or if there was some other issue going on. Not only that, but an admin would be able to keep tabs on how busy their chat gets. If they have a 20 license and keep hitting the 20, then they might decide to upgrade it to a 50, particularly if it's at almost a constant 20. Likewise, if they have a 50 license and after a year have never hit more than 15 at a time, they could downgrade their license.

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