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The docs generator doesn't seem to be adding in anything I type for additional information on the final two steps. Not sure where to report that.

Also it would be very useful if you could add areas to put additional information before each file edit (optionally). Basically I have a lot of optional file edits and I like to explain what the optional ones do in case someone may want to just skip those. Of course when I understand the hook system better I can eliminate most edits to begin with.

But anyway so as it is now I put optional information in the FIND code so they would have to be paying attention and notice you don't paste that part. Eh, I guess I could comment out that line in case they accidentally paste it. But still it would be nice to be able to put optional lines automatically which explain the edits.

Also would be good if we could edit the title because I accidentally put version number in the title and in the version number area so I have to edit the html file directly each time to take the version number out when it rtells what to look for in the ACP.

Another suggestion is "select all" and "copy" buttons. However, as I said in this post, select all would not be good to use for my optional edits and would be nice if it had seperate areas explaining each edit (if necessary).

Also when editing it in the resources area html break tags are added in and so editing it ruins the html file. After the original file is created from then on you have to do search and replace to put break tags back in proper html format.

Another thing is that it says compatible with 3.0.1, but that is a bit misleading since it will work with anything 3.0.1 or higher, not only 3.0.1. Would only be one bug if used in 3.0.0 in fact.

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