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If you get a new version of your language pack, its very complicated to import it, preserving the language selection of the members.
In IPB 2.x you could assign all members using "language a" to the new "language b". This feature was dropped with IPB 3.x.

So if i have a new version of the eg german language package, i have to to the following:

Staff: Logan Wortman


No, there isn't a quick tool anymore to change languages, but it can be changed easily enough with an SQL query. Run the following after making the necessary changes in your SQL Toolbox/phpMyAdmin:

UPDATE ibf_members SET language = 'new_id' WHERE language = 'old_id';

Replace new_id with the ID of the language pack you want to change members to, replace old_id with the ID of the language pack users are currently using.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.


Logan Wortman

Invision Power Services

That really sucks.
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