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I read the changes for 3.1.1, but I still suggest slightly different wording in the dropdow. Even now I was still confused what custom wins and default wins meant. I thought it was using wins as a noun. lol I was thinking "what is a win"?

I did finally realize it means you're letting your custom or default skin "win" in the differences, but maybe slightly different wording would make it more obvious? Or maybe I'm just weird in how i was reading it.

The whole merge center feature has confused me from the ebginning. For one thing I thought it could be used on the default skin. They said no it's not used for the default one. But if I run a difference report for default it has many results shown. Shouldn't it show nothing if the default was reverted to default standards?

I guess from now on if I want to add modifications, but not totally overhaul the skin I still should make a enw skin even for small changes? Because that's the only way I see to keep the changes from being taken out on upgrade. Although I am guessing it's only done that way on major upgrades because it sure didn't take out changes for point releases in the past.

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