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[Suggestion] Merge deletion processes into one menu in ACP


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I hope this would be something easy to do. I'd like to see it where deleting a member's personal messages could be merged in with deleting posts and topics. That is, instead of being in two separate menus in the ACP they exist in one single menu option. I believe it would help in deleting any spammers, etc.

Basically it'd be on one screen like this as opposed to the current separate two:

Delete Posts/Topics For: MEMBER_NAME
Delete ALL of this member's 4 POSTS?
If enabled: a topic started by this member that has no replies is deleted otherwise the topic is left.

Delete ALL of this member's 0 TOPICS?
If enabled: all topics started by this member will be deleted, regardless of other member's replies.

Use Trash Can?
Members posts and topics will be placed in the trashcan instead of deleted.

Delete n posts/topics per iteration
Deleting posts and topics is fairly intensive.

Deleting all private messages sent by MEMBER_NAME
Delete all 0 personal conversations started Yes No
Delete all 0 personal conversation replies Yes No

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