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First Impressions


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So far so good. Our users are loving the new software, and I'm happy with how nicely it treats the server. Server loads are down, and site performance is quite snappy.


As a long time vB user, I half expect to have to search in every nook and cranny when dealing with permission issues. I must admit, IP wins the contest in making me search every single nook, cranny, drawer, cupboard, and outhouse when trying to track down a permission issue.

For example. One would expect that if a user reports they can't use the "report post" function, you would find the permission settings in Report Center settings. Or perhaps usergroup settings. But man, how obscure can you get when you have to go to the plugin manager settings to modify who can actually report a post? Bravo! I must admit, someone was very creative on that one!

Please.. I know this can't be fixed in one version, but for the love of all that's holy, pure and sexy, please fix permissions to where they're consolidated and easy to find.

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I agree with you, but it's also worth noting that the report center is an exception here. For the most part, there's only three places to check for permissions, depending on what it applies to:

- The edit member screen, if it applies to an individual member (e.g. a suspension)
- The "manage user groups" and "manage user permissions" screens if it applies to a group as a whole, or
- Individual content areas, like a forum or a gallery album, for permissions that apply only to that area

Hopefully making the report center fit into this better is something that we can do in a later update. For what it's worth, the Report Center used to be an unofficial addon which was popular, so with the author's permission we 'absorbed' it into the product as a core feature. For that reason it may still feel a little like an addon, and naturally we'll keep working to make it fit better with the overall product :)

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Much empathy. There's just tons of settings in general. If you're like me, you often know you've visited a setting, but can't remember how to get back to it.

I've found peace with the "Live Search in ACP" feature. It almost always takes me straight there.

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