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ACP font microscopic


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I think this should not really be in the realm of a bug.

I have to agree that I found it tiny too, but that also was true for the standard IPB forum text size. In fact, I do two zoom-up steps for most any website I visit the first time because the text is hard to figure out.

This however is owed to whatever screen size and resolution you are using. I mostly work on a Dell Latitude with 15.4 inches and 1920x1200 so that is a high res on a rather small "screen real estate". Hard to read fonts are to be expected. If you have the same 15.4 display size with a resolution of just 1600xwhatever this will be less noticeable.

Using Firefox? Hit STRG + "+" once or twice, the settings will be stored for every website so it will be a permanent solution. Maybe you accidentally resized it to small by holding STRG and scrolling your mousewheel at some point?

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