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Payment issues.


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Just wondering if anyone can shed some more light on what is going on here. We have tried to resolve the issue via support tickets, but always seem to get the same answers.

We pay for our hosting with IPS monthly, direct debited from the credit card belonging to the account owner (my housemate). She uses this card frequently in the 'real world' and has never had trouble paying for things online. She has a huge limit that she never goes over, so this is not the issue. We have had the card checked by the bank on several occassions just to be sure, for all intents and purposes - the card is perfectly fine.

And yet, every month our hosting expires because the direct debit fails. As you can imagine, this causes some problems for our community - the forum goes offline until either my housemate or myself can get online to fix the problem. If we put the payment through manually, or use paypal, it works fine. Unfortunately, the way things are set up, it's not possible to pre-pay to avoid account suspension... and direct debiting from paypal is also not an option.

According to the tickets we have submitted, the issue is that our credit card is Australian and will not work. But it works everywhere else? I'm confused.

We don't have another card. It's starting to become a serious issue, more than once we've had to wait upwards of twelve hours for our hosting to be restored due to time differences, nine times out of ten neither of us are awake/available to deal with the problem when it happens. It is starting to adversely affect our community, who are starting to claim that our hosting is not stable enough to make it worth while.

Does anyone have any solutions, or at least an explanation as to why this is happening, and how we can get our hosting smooth and stable - preferably without having to remember each month to log in and ask if we can pay before the invoices expire?

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So you're saying that when the hosting company goes to process your payment it is denied and yet you can process a payment manually to restore service using the same card?

If that is the case, I would guess that the information they have on file isn't correct.. Address change? Expiration date correct? I would verify the information they have it the same you use to submit a manual payment.

If it's not that I can't think of what it could be..

Side note, I wonder why the hosting company won't let you prepay ahead of time? It would seem that would be better for both as you would only get one charge and they have a prepaid client for x months...

Good luck on getting it resolved.


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Why not pay for a year in advance and get the discount?

From the FAQ...
"Am I tied into a long-term contract?
No - all of our packages run on a month-to-month basis. If you pay for a year upfront in order to get the discounted price, you can still cancel at any time and we'll refund your remaining months."

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It comes up saying the information on file isn't correct. We've corrected this a number of times, and it still seems to fail. I think it did work a couple of times properly after we registered the hosting account? It just seems odd that it started failing one day for no apparent reason, and the way the invoices are set up, you can't pay them until the direct debit expires.

It's just odd, and really frustrating. We've tried updating the details both through the customer area, and over the phone (which is awesome fun, trying to find a time we're home, that will work XD. Three in the morning is the usual choice.)

It would be awesome to have the option to direct debit via paypal. The money comes out of the same account, no issues - and due to the nature of our jobs, neither of us can afford a large lump sum. We did ask if we could pay the current month (which is yet to expire) but were told that it would expire on the 22nd and we could pay it then.

It's just a kerfuffle of timezones/suspended accounts that's making this difficult for us. If nothing else, I'd at least like to know why it's happening, and that we're not alone in this.

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