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Edit Member In Admin Panel Option


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I think it would be great if there was a button in each users profile called "Edit Member in Admin". This button will redirect you to the "Manage Members Page" in the admin panel.

It would be much easier than having to search for the member each time in the admin panel.

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That would require your admin directory be shown

No more so than having a link to the ACP at the top of the page. If the option to not show it is used, then it could always deactivate this feature.

I think it'd be a nice feature. Find a member and if you need to edit their account via the ACP for any reason, click one button, sign in and then edit it. If it's a bunch of members, then you sign into the ACO via one tab (or window), then copy the names (if you're too lazy to remember how to spell it) from the other window/tab.
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