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Spam Posts and PM's


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Recently, using V2.3.6, we have been hit with a large number of spammers sending PMs or emails to our members including like to inappropriate sites and or graphic images.
- I dont know is v3 would help but it would be nice to be able restrict new members from being able to create hotlinked images and urls as well as prevent them from sending PMs. Until they have a number of posts behind them say.

Im quite new to running a forum and keen for anyones suggestions for how this could be done better, however im hesitant to put new users on moderator approval for posts due to the delay in the post appearing and the increased moderator work load.

This is an example of the pm's being sent.


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Dear, [membersname]!

A virus alert was noticed on your computer.

We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online virus check at our site immediately: http:// antivir-labs.com/[members name]


Sincerely, Forum Administration www.canalworld.net.

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... Or you can set up 2 groups, one that cannot send PM's, and another that can, and at a certain amount of posts you get promoted to the one that can send.

How do you set which group members go into once they have been validated.
- I can set up the rest of this as stop gap, but cant select how to have the user validated members go into the limited access group rather than the current/main one.

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