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Shoutbox vs IP.Chat


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There were too many replies in the previous topic to get my full point across. But seeing as how IPS has adopted the "Links System" mod, why not adopt the Shoutbox mod and simply help the devs improve this as well.

No offense to you guys, but not only is it capable of being used on one's own hosting/server, but it can take hundreds (possibly thousands) online at the same time. (An issue which arises when people ask to host IP.Chat by themselves)

I don't see why you make another chat room mod that requires a connection to your servers, and is limited to 5 (lol?), but shoutbox is local, and has no limit. I don't care if I have to pay for the shoutbox, but the only real improvements I really would like to see to the shoutbox is IPM (Instant Private Messaging). PM's are great, but Instant PM's are even better. (Something vBulletin already gets to experience)

Just a thought. CrC please.

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If you believe IP.Shoutbox is more suitable to your needs.... why not use IP.Shoutbox? :)

You seem to be confused between the community projects and our official offerings. The shoutbox and the links system are developed by the community projects team, a group of volunteers - IP.Chat is developed and supported by IPS. IPS has very minimal involvement with the development of the community projects so it's irrelevant what's going on there. I doubt we would ever "adopt" and monetize on a community project.
Regardless, a shoutbox and a chat room are rather different things ;) We are quite happy with the way IP.Chat is now and I doubt it will change. We of course cannot build a product that would suit everyone, so as I say, if you believe something else suits you better, I would encourage you to use it instead ;)

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Just to clarify my position: I think it may be a bit misleading as I am the one in charge of IP.Shoutbox and I am also in the group "IPS Staff"..

I was working on IP.Shoutbox as a community developer long before being hired by IPS and after I was hired as staff I decided to still keep developing it in my free time, it is maintained by me as a Community Developer and not by me as IPS Staff ;)

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