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Setting to make queued topics/replies visible to author

KT Walrus

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I'd like a setting to make queued topics/replies visible to the author of the topic/post in addition to the moderators/admins.

I'm thinking of moderating all topics/replies on my forum for manual approval or automatic approval each night (which ever comes first). But, I find the current implementation lacking from the user/author viewpoint. Currently, a brief message is flashed that the post is being moderated and you are returned to the forum list.

I would like for the author to be returned to viewing the queued topic/reply just like for a non-queued topic/reply (except with the skin indicating that the topic/reply is currently not visible to others until approved by a moderator).

Thereafter, I think the queued topics/replies that were made by the author but not approved yet should show up in the forum list and be viewable by the author. This would give the author the opportunity to edit the post before approval or even to delete it outright.

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