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About to clean up the Client Area?


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I think that the Client Area should gets some love soon too.

Few of my suggestions;

[*]Fewer links [*]Better categorized [*]TinyMCE on ticket-editor [*]Display various information on the frontpage (Name, products, tickets sent, ticket awaiting reply, statistics, etc.) [*]Bug: The success image when you login has a Success-text displayed. Maybe apply text-indent: -9999px [*]Remove the transition to new website. Isn't it moved already?
Birger :)

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[quote name='MindTooth' date='28 November 2009 - 02:52 PM' timestamp='1259376772' post='1882979']
I had no intention to provide any pointless suggestion. If so, feel free to delete this thread.

No no, that's the only one I disagreed with. The bug with the status text is minor and not really annoying, same with the "please bear with us if you see display difficulties in our 2 year old site". But categorisation could do with a bit of an overhaul.

The dashboard idea is definitely something I could get behind too - there's way too many clicks to most things, so it'd be handy to log in and go "oh, I need to renew blog. and my ticket has a reply".

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An interface overhaul for the client area is something on the horizon. We've also been considering changes to the ticket system (for example to support attachments).

If anyone else has ideas for the client area, now is the time to share :)

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