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Download: Blog Points For 1.3


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File Name: Blog Points For 1.3
File Submitter: BASHERS33
File Submitted: 24 Jul 2008
File Category: IP.Blog Modifications

Update: Now if you do the optional edit in mod.php, when an entry is deleted it will also deduct points for the authors of those comments. For example if one member made 5 comments and another made 1 and your points per comment is set to 10 then it will lower points by 50 and 10 respectively if that entry is deleted.

Note: If you downloaded an earlier version of this, you need to simply redo the first edit in mod.php.

This is for points incrementation when creating a blog, commenting on an entry, enabling a blog, or adding a new entry. It then deletes those points if something is deleted.

I released it in the past, but now realized that for blog ENTRY deletion it was deleting points from the BLOG author, not the entry author. While usually this would be fine, some blogs obviously would have a different author than some of its entries.

Keep in mind this mod is for people who have a field in the members table named "points". It requires changes if you want a different column used at this time. I have included instructions on how to add the points column if you truly want this and do not already have a points system, but I recommend downloading ipoints to get all of that set up.

Click here to download this file

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