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Download: [AH22] Reputation System v4.5.4


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File Name: [AH22] Reputation System v4.5.4
File Submitter: Alex
File Submitted: 23 Dec 2006
File Category: Modifications

This adds a reputation system to your community allowing members to rep people, its basically like Karma on SMF :)

The reputation system is a complete Add-on for your IP.Board community. If a particular member is helpful, friendly, or what other members think deserves a reward, the member can be repped.

Reputation System v4.5 Module
>> v4.0 below made by D1
>> v4.5 improved by AH Modding

v4.5 sees the old IP.Board 2.0.x post screen vanished and replaced with the 2.2.x Rich Text Editor. v4.5 also sees a lot of improvements to the Admin CP side based around the new 'Member Edit' form, and v4.5 also sees alot of security improvements.

[AH22] Reputation System v4.5.4

I am pleased to announce the latest arrival in the reputation system has now been released.
v4.5.4 sees to alot of bugs mentioned in the previous versions. The bugs fixed are:
  • ACP -> Management -> Manage Reputation Ranks (Images fixed)
  • ACP -> Management -> Groups -> Root admin is now listed in the exclude rep list
  • Forums -> Reputation -> Add/edit/comment view -> The bug where the RSS images etc. below the RTE were not loading
  • Forums -> Profile -> Reputation -> Fixed add/edit bug
  • A couple of skin bugs

There are a couple of JS errors, but that will not effect anything, but will be gone in 5.x

To upgrade from .3, reupload all files, run /repsystem/ and then read the upgrade instructions.

Click here to download this file
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