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posting of remote images and using [img] tags


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when posting remote images they fill the whole message box, this never used to happen on v2
also when clicking the image it expands the image in the post itself and distorts the board,
instead of loading in a separate browser or tab as it used to do in v2.
The old v2 resize was not perfect but this new setup is much worse for my forum were i have many posted images.
There must be a better way than this new setup or bring back the old img setup.

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Reply from support

no wonder i did not get an answer anywhere on this forum,the image resize option does not work anyway.
Would have been nice to have been told that in the first place.

The way they work at the moment is no good for my forum and i wont be upgrading until that option is back.

The image resize percent option has been deprecated. The option just hasn't been removed. The image resizes to the size of the postbox.

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