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Can't access resources area


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when I try to enter a thread in the CCS resources forum, I am told I have no permission to do so.
I am registered and logged in.

One such thread where I get this error is:

I own the Community Suite and CCS too, so that can't be the reason. Please let me know what the problem is.

I hope this is the right place as I didn't want to open a support ticket for something like this.

The "contact admin" link I saw when I got the error message is a mailto link that points to admin@ibforums.com - I sent this text to that address and it bounched back saying there is no such e-mail address.

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Try logging out (of here and Resources) and then logging back in again.

If its no better after that, logout again. Clear your cookies (probably not essential but does not do any harm) , then go here to Converge > http://login.ipslink.com/

Login there using the same details as you do on this forum. Then via Converge click the links to come back here and to the Resource site.

See if that fixes it. If it does not, you would need to open a ticket in the Client Center to Account Assistance to have this rectified. :)

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