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Andy Millne

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I know a lot of people have requested a tags feature for posts. I don't really see the long term value in this as the majority of non technical users would ignore this.

Where I see "tags" as useful is tagging of entities IPS have a suite of community products so this would fit very well indeed and start to move forward the traditional forum software which let's face it hasn't really evolved a great deal in recent years.

So what if you could tag members in posts/galleries/blog entries calendar events etc..? Say somebody writes a post about another member they (or somebody else) then tag it with that members name who is notified they have been talked about. Facebook do this very succesfully with images so why not extend the idea across the community suite. It wouldn't be much of a mind leap for current users as they are already used to doing this on facebook.

There may be issues with software patents somewhere but there are always ways around this.

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Sounds like a good idea, and I've seen it implemented before, maybe as a mod. I've also seen 'tag clouds' to display top tags as a display element or block. Would be cool to have tags used with sukbscriptions for custom content generation from posts. Not sure if it's a feature.

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