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I've been using IPB since the 2.0 days. In this time, I've had about 3 or 4 different licenses, and I've had my current one since 2.3.

The last time I had to actually use IPS's support was in the 2.3.0-2.3.4 phase, because...well, we all know how many bugs 2.3.0 had :lol:. Apparently, I've forgotten what it's like. Of course, with 3.0 and its immaturity, more issues have come up, and I've needed to submit a few tickets since then. Most recently were two I sent in yesterday, one about registrations not working and the other about a problem with the language files.

I figured I'd have to wait until Monday, at least, with it being the weekend, and was fine with that. An hour or so ago, my phone vibrated, and it was the ticket response e-mail. Both of my problems were resolved within an hour of that. What's more, I had typed the ACP password wrong, so they didn't actually have what they needed. They were still able to solve the problems within an hour or so. And it's 3AM EST.

In short: The support is (still) amazing, and I am very pleased. :)

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