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Emoticon groups, member group permission based


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Okay there is bbcode that can be limited to certain member groups. How about being able to limit which groups can use certain groups of emoticons?

The way I imagine it being set up and working would be like this.

Inside of a emoticon folder, a permissions folder can be added. In the settings, that the different member groups allowed to use those emoticons would be selected. They could use not only those emoticons but the emoticons of the parent folder as well.

This would require an extra step of security too. If someone tries to link directly to the image inside of a post, if they don't have permission to use that image (emoticon), then it would deny them access to it. Also, if it finds that image is an emoticon that is enabled, it should convert the %7Boption%7D takes to the emoticon instead (ACP setting, in case the admin doesn't want this to change the %7Boption%7D tags).

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