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Ipb 3 RC2 Invalid characters in display names


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In previous versions you could use the forbidden characters ([] |, $ <> ") in the display name , but in the latest 3.0 RC2 is not allowed.
In the final version will be possible to use them?

Also I have two more question, what is the reason for those characters to be invalid? and why you store in the database those characters in html? Using addslashes you can store them in plain text


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I don't know the reasons, other than possibly making it easier to handle strings without causing issues or possibly to prevent malicious attacks (security). But I can tell you that if it's being disallowed in the Beta's and RC's, then it's going to be the same in the Final version unless by some miracle, IPS changes its mind and removes the restriction without any notice.

So I wouldn't count on them being allowed, not without some sort of a modification that you'd need to make.

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