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PM Email issue

Strike X

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When the user received an PM Email, a few member started replying to an email instead of clicking on the link to direct to Messenger.

They think its an email because it include PM content in the email.

When they start replying to an email, it direct to an Admin (forum) email.

Is there any way to switch off the PM content in the email.

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[quote name='Shahid-Hussain' date='27 May 2009 - 02:03 PM' timestamp='1243425792' post='1805538']

Eh? I don't want to disable PM Email.

I was talking about the PM content in the email.

Go to your Look & Feel Section in ACP -> Manage Languages -> Select your Language and open the "public_email_content" pack.

[*]personal_convo_new_reply (on page 2 at my forum)[*]personal_convo_new_convo (on page 3 at my forum)
copy the text from the left side into the right textarea and remove the <#TEXT#> part.
Save it.

Attention: RC1 has a problem when saving wordpacks with placeholders like "<#FROM#>" in it. Wait for RC2 to make the changes.

This is the only way i know, how you can get rid of sending the entire message by email.

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