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Header Tags in IPB3


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I was going through the source code and saw that inside the IPB3 skin H2 & H3 tags are associated with text that really won't help a forum.
Header tags help tell search engines what a site is about.

I'll be going through the code & changing the majority of those around. I believe that forum titles should be a H2 & Forum category threads should be a H3. Thread descriptions could become an H4.

Below are some examples of H2 being used improperly... in my opinion.

[*]<h2>Our Board Statistics</h2>[*] <h2>1 active user(s) <span>(in the past 15 minutes)</h2>[*] <h2>Upcoming Calendar Events</h2>[*] <h2 class='hide'>Skin and Language</h2>[*] <h2 class='hide'>Execution Stats</h2>

<h2>IPS Company Feedback</h2>
Subforums could be coded with H3 tags.

Again, this is just my opinion and something that I have implemented in the past that worked well for me.

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