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Nit picky thing

Guest Philiwily

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In IPB3, if you go to someone's profile and his status is not set, it says "Member has not set their status," which is grammatically incorrect.
Is there any chance you could change "their" to "his" if his gender is set to male or to "her" if her gender is set to female. I know... it's kind of nit picky. :x

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If you wanted to get really nitpicky, this would depend on the language in use - so while in English you would have:

"Member has not set [his/her] status"

In, another language, the "his/her" would be at a different part of the sentence, and you may have to use a different word for set depending on the gender.

It's not feasible to accommodate inserting various things in the string... and even just creating 3 different strings seems overkill - "their" is gender neutral and makes sense - in fact, isn't "One has not set their status" perfectly acceptable grammar anyway?

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