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Load balancing issues with IP.B

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Here is my current configuration:

I have 2 1U Pentium 4s (3.0GHz, 1GB RAM each) behind a NAT firewall, both systems running Lighttpd 1.4.something on gentoo linux with fastcgi and memcached. MySQLd is installed on the first webserver (which will soon change when I figure out how to make MySQL replicate onto the second server or if I get a third server for filestorage/mysql).

Unfortunately, because of problems with IPB logging people out when the servers are switched by the firewall's loadbalancing setup, I have had to disable one of the servers on my load balancing setup.

Is there a way to force IPB to use database/memcached-based sessions or am I stuck with filebased? Please note that I have tried to make PHP itself use memcached for sessions and it did not go over well.

Firewall setup:

pfSense 1.2-RC4
Pentium 3 (One of those recycled boxes)

Server 1 Setup:

Pentium 4, 3.0GHz
250GB DB storage, 500GB RAID1 filestorage, 250GB OS storage

Server 2 Setup:

Pentium 4, 3.0GHz
80GB Filesystem storage (mounts Server 1's filestorage over NFS)

(I realize that my server configurations are highly varied, but that's what happens when one has a very low budget :/)

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