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is it just me

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hi guys

Bear with me a moment here, maybe because im an aussie i are looking at it wrongly, but im having a hell of a time finding information that I need on here at the best of times.

For example

I wanted to find some inof on what I have to do to upgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5... as in maybe a txt file in teh download(eg readme1st.txt) or even a knowledgebase article etc.. but I cant find a thing, so I do the next best thing, try and do a search on here... i use the terms upgrade 2.3.5 but the search wont let me use 2.3.5 so I can only searhc for upgrade, which brings me a whole heap of results that are pretty much of no use

so now I have lodged a support request, all i want to know is do i just upload the files or is there anything i need to do etc etc

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