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Instant video and audio record and posting capability

Guest Danno 61

Add instant record and post capability for video?  

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I have a way for people to instantly record video and post it on my board.

The only problem is that it is not easily understandable for the end user (normal people). :(

The technology is out there.

This would be a great feature, seeming as though video is going to blow writing text out the water eventually (just my opinion).

There has got to be a way to do this on IPB. and add it as a standard feature. (At some point).

There has to be an easy way to this in a simple format???

The following is an announcement I have to explain to my users how to do this. Click here

I am currently using 2.17. , getting ready to upgrade to 2.3.5

Can something like this be developed as a standard feature for 3.0?

Note: I have looked at 3 mods relating to this topic, and none are able to do this. And every mod available has less than standard support from the creator.

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