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  1. Thanks for your simple tut on Flowplayer. It is very appreciated.

  2. Here is another post I did relating to new features. [url=" here The post is now lost in the depths of a forum with very little exposure and one response. I sincerely hope that someone looks at platforms from an end users point of view, NOT from a designers or programmers technical mentality. It is obvious that the teams that do this work, have one view which is to make sure everything is in sync and working properly. This is actually what should be taking place. When will someone wake up and understand that "understanding how the engine works" versus "how to just replace parts" will be much more beneficial to all involved in the long run. I feel so strongly about this that I would be willing to head an education movement like this. The problem is that you have to understand the platforms/applications to write the script. I don't have the knowledge to write the scripts. I would love to see one video that just does a quick overview of the applications on the new release coming up. That would be a great way to start. Can someone write a script? I am experienced at video production. Any response would be appreciated. Danno61
  3. Hello, I would like to give my input on the future of board technology. I used IPB for years and left out of frustration. My main frustration was the amount of modifications one had to do to get satisfactory results. The second was after getting everything modified an upgrade would come along. I came back to IPB a short while ago and am very pleased with a lot of what I see. This company is evolving into a very established platform on the internet with a great team of professionals working hard to make IPB what it is. After leaving IPB a few years back, I started searching for other platforms. I have actually spent hundreds of hours doing this. I ended up back with IPB. Here is what really frustrates me now. It seems the mentality is still the same in one area, It is the following: Everyone out there including IPB is missing one big (Very Big) problem. What is the problem? It is understanding the tools and applications!!! This is the one thing that has not changed. Everyone on the net is always offering the latest in great enhancements, new and improved products(applications), and of course - new upgrades. The problem is that nothing is done to explain the new! The norm is go to the new forum (on the new) and join the frenzy of searching, reporting, finding solutions, then copying it, and finally pasting it. You do this after searching for maybe a few minutes to a few hours (or maybe more). This process continues or takes place over and over again on every change, mod and upgrade. When will the madness end? The end result is that you have many individuals that have have become copy and paste experts. You certainly have thousands that just say forget it! You also have very few really learning. You even have fewer that really know the products inside and out. God Bless the ones who do! Please, Let's get to the basics. I am still waiting to find a platform (hopefully IPB) that understands this problem and invests the money, man power, and right people to work with designers and programmers. There are thousands of existing and potential board creators (professional and enthusiasts) that need a support system that in my opinion does not exist on the internet at this time. Here is what I believe needs to be done. I also believe someone will do this , and when they do it, it will blow away all the other platforms hands down. I hope that Charles and Brandon read this. Slow down the upgrade process to a point that allows for new upgrades along with the tools/addons to be explained very well on the initial (new) release. Have a video library that explains each application very well. 1. Each Application should have a video explaining the overall concept (10 minutes max) which includes it's power points, features and examples of use.. 2. Each application should also have tutorial videos explaining in DETAIL each section of an application and how it can be applied, used, and modified. Each video should be very short and to the point (3-4 minutes max0. By doing this it would turn the support forums into something much more powerful than what they now offer. Why? Because you could then send individuals with questions to a reference video that would enable someone to learn (and understand) rather than just copy and paste! 4. Your forums would also have much fewer posts of the same old questions that are labeled with many different titles that have little chance of being found, simply because the original post had a lousy title. e.g "How do you do this? or "I NEED Help Now". 5. Forums would then be narrowed down to serve as a place for real technical issues and feedback. I am writing this because I just visited 3 different Apps on my new board. IP.content, the download manager, and the portal. Honestly I am lost, I am not a newbie and I am also not a programmer, I just have not been able to find good quality information on these apps. Nothing to explain what they are really able to do, and nothing explaining how to utilize the components from within the apps including tying it all together. I will say I have learned a lot by basically becoming a copy and paste expert. But I also feel that I have missed out on a lot of learning because of the mentality on the internet towards education and well designed tutorials that explains the concept, the features, and the "how to" along with the details. So in reality when I look at these applications, I feel like I am dumber than a box of rocks, I know that I can get the results that I want. But to do this I know that I have a very long road of searching, trial and error, posting, waiting, and everything else that applies to getting an overall board, site, and platform that is satisfactory. Thanks for taking the time to read. Danno61
  4. Thanks Crabpaws I think a lot of people see this as a tech world, which in reality it is about technology, the end user, and the Admins doing there job without a lot of mods.. With end users it is about simplicity, it is about the admins to be able to focus on building there board. I think IPB realizes this. On/off features may not be easy to do. But they have come a very long way. Keep up the good work!
  5. I read a lot on the pro's and con's of using IPB for social networking. I used IPB for a number of years and then stopped simply out of frustration. My main frustration back then was having to modify almost everything. And as soon as you got everything just the way you wanted it, an upgrade would come along. :huh: I actually took a long break, I am now back. IPB has come a very long way, and it is very impressive. Before coming back I spent at least a few hundred hours (no exaggeration) researching different technologies/platforms on the net. I investigated everything from wordpress to vbulletin. I think I went through at least 30 applications and the end result is that I am back to IPB. In Social networking the biggest priority to me is the end user and keeping things simple, powerful, and with as few options as possible available (The more options, the more confusing it gets!!!). The next is the member list and it's search features with the ability to deliver real content. So this is what I would love to see in the next release. Custom User Fields (when creating or editing) with some additional features like: Show this field in Advanced Member Search (allow users to search this field?) Yes | NoShow results of this field in actual memberlist (Show this data in actual member list column section) Yes | NoHave a search engine that is precise and that can actually dig deep into a CPF (end user) text box for key words.Name the Advanced Search in the members section to what it really is "Advanced Search"Give the opportunity to turn on/off all items that currently show in Advanced Search and that show "user info" on the Actual Member Page (both sections). I love to see how much IPB has advanced and how someone shook the room on internal round tables to get this done. Congrats to everyone on the team. That is all for now, Thanks, Danno61
  6. Currently when you have calendar moderation turned on, there is no mod email notification of new events added (It does not exist). You actually have to check your calendar to see if anything new has been added :( . This is also frustrating if an event in future months has been added. you have to scroll the months Could you please add an option to where moderators or admins can be notified (like posts) when an event is added to the calendar?
  7. It would be nice to have the ability to turn off some (or most features) features in profile view/update profile. or whatever you like. A prime example would be the messenger links. This would be great if you had a list of components added to the tools menu in ACP. Turn On/Turn OFF. This would save me a ton of modding headaches, especially when new upgrades are applied. :rolleyes:
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