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I know many people have said the PM system needs to be totally revamped, but I ahve several ideas related to the UCP.

First off I think the PM area should be a whole separate area than settings.

Secondly, it's not quick to find which setting you want to change for the site. So i think it should have tabs horizontally across the top. have more setting groups than currently since it is currently set up in a way where it's easy to forget which settings link goes to certain settings that could fit several.

User friendliness is by far the main thing I think needs to get worked on some. Those settings groups could have names such as posting, profile, notifications, etc... Plus it would just be a nice feel to it being left to right tabs anyway rather than paging down to find them. And it would be ideal if it would then have settings under it and change those inline when clicking a new tab.

Another example of user-friendliness is that I had to be told a couple years ago how exactly to multi quote. Not sure how that can be more obvious really, but for some reason clicking the add reply link after selecting the posts to quote did not seem like the thing to do. So I never figured it out on my own. lol I thought you still click one of the reply buttons ina post after doing all the multi quotes.

I guess I was just being dumb, but normally I notice quickly how to do different things on forums, so there must have been some reason i was confused on it. :P

Also I didn't even realize you could go page to page selecting posts to quote with it not "forgetting" old ones.

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I am going to have to agree with you (shock, horror!!!) Here's why:

I always get confused (even after 5+ years of using IPB) on what settings are in Board settings vs. the other setting areas in the user CP. They should either be separated out or labeled better IMO. This would especially help users who are new to IPB.

As far as the quoting thing - it should just take a simple re-labeling of the buttons. I can see how that would be confusing for new members, as well.

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