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Forum deletion should be recursive


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As our site has recently shifted it's subjects, we have had to delete some forums.
Since a few full category forums with child boards needed to be deleted, I looked for a way to kill the child forums too.
But I could not.

I think that it should be possible to remove the child forums along with the main forum.
And in addition, to be able to delete the topics in the forum along with the forum.

Sure, I support having the option to move the contents instead of deleting it, but I want the option of deleting it too!

Well, I better get back to work, I got like 20-30 forums to kill manually.
If only I could use the check boxes next to each forum to mark them for simultaneous deletion...

To summary:

[*]Allow topics to be deleted along with the forum [*]Allow the checkboxes to be used to multi delete forums

[*]Allow child forum(s) and their contents to be removed in addition to being moved

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