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Help File Limitations

Guest William Burdine

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I just discovered today that in IP.B v2.3.4 that there is a limitation on images for the creation of help files by the 'Tools & Settings | Topics, Posts & Polls" setting. This is a BUG and needs to be looked at.

EXAMPLE in the 'Tools & Settings | Topics, Posts & Polls" setting, say you have the "Max. no. images per post" set to 5, NOW you want to create a HELP file that has more than 5 images, you CAN'T, you are stuck at 5 images and must increase this setting to get your HELP posted correctly.

ALSO The HELP files should ACCEPT HTML and not convert it to BBC. Help files are suppose to be easy to ready and full of detailed info for your community, not a scrolling nightmare because you can't use tables.

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1) If you switch to standard editor you can use HTML fully
2) If you found a bug you should post it in the bug tracker, as per the forum rules

[b]Did you find a bug in IP.Board?[/b]

If you believe you've found a bug please post it to the

bug tracker


Most of our users are not overly tech savvy (and most aren't proficient in HTML) so using a rich-text editor is ideal in helping them format their help files. Still, you can switch the to the STD editor (the little icon at the top right of the editor) and any HTML you submit should be saved.
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