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Yellow Card/Auto Ban System

Guest Mike F

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I think a good improvement to the Warning System would be that once the user gets the max warnings, have their account be banned. Instead of graphical blocks, let it be a yellow card image and instead of Warn let it say Yellow Cards: and then instead of the <0> of <3> or whatever, have it show how many they have ;) . And on the Mod or admin side make the report to mods a blue card, then put like a Ban now card (red), and Give Yellow Card (Yellow)- same yellow card image for warnings. This would be a neat thing to do :) I have seen that on an old IPB forum. I think that this would make the Warning System work better, because you have the option to have the warnings extend or not extend passed the max. I think this is pointless, because once the user reaches max... BAN! :D

Hope to see this in a newer version someday :D

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