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plz hlep

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where code ib2.3.3 :blink:


// Parse HTML tag on the fly


$this->parser->parse_html = ( $this->forum['use_html'] and $this->ipsclass->cache['group_cache'][ $poster['mgroup'] ]['g_dohtml'] and $row['post_htmlstate'] ) ? 1 : 0;

$this->parser->parse_nl2br = $row['post_htmlstate'] == 2 ? 1 : 0;

$row['post'] = $this->parser->pre_display_parse( $row['post']);

sources/action_public/topic.php line 1024 ip2.1.7
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You are asking support questions - we move support requests to a customer-only support area of our forums.

This is a feature suggestions forum, and thus support topics are not allowed here. In order to access the support forums, you must have a current support contract with us, and login to the company forums here with the email address associated with your client area account at invisionpower.com.

Please email sales@invisionpower.com with any questions.

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