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Hello Everyone:

I hope someone can help me! Apparently my host will not allow my site to send out more than 300 emails per hour. When we send out a notice to the whole members list about 900 people are not receiving the email.

Is there any way to set ipb to only allow 300 messages to be sent from the admin panel when it is an admin email?


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lower your emails sent per cycle to a low enough # that it will send less than 300 emails an hr. , if I remember right when sending the mass emails out it sends at 1 cycle a min. and the default setting is 50 emails per cycle so if you changed that from 50 to 5 emails per cycle the total sent in an hr would be 300 exactly

the option to change how many emails per cycle is on the same page as the button you hit to start sending the emails ;)

opps just noticed the date on this post so I guess I'm a little late with an answer for him lol

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