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Disable View Count for Topic Starter?

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Is it possible to disable to view count of a topic for the topic starter? I have a thread that I started where I tell my members which Mods are installed on the board and every time I add, edit, view it the count is incremented by 1. How can I make it so after viewing the topic once that it will not increment afterwards?

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Im on 2.3.2 and I use.

Stop Author View Increase 1.0.0

Written by: ntd1712

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2006
- Does not increase viewed count when author is viewing his/her own topic.

File to edit:


Open: ./sources/action_public/topics.php

Find: [ In function topic_set_up() ]

if ( ! $this->ipsclass->input['view'] AND $this->topic['state'] != 'link')

Replace With:

if ( ! $this->ipsclass->input['view'] AND $this->topic['state'] != 'link' AND $this->topic['starter_id'] != $this->ipsclass->member['id'] )

That's all! :)

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