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Not A Happy Customer.

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Before I bought IPB, I was told that it was extremely easy to use for beginners, and that if you found anything difficult, there were guides to use that would help you out.

All I want to do is use my own domain which I bought from 1and1.co.uk.

I've changed the nameservers in my DNS settings, so that part is done, and next I was told I needed to change the address in conf_global.php, but I have no idea where that is.

I just found out its in Cpanel, and so I went there, and things are now even more complicated as there is all this stuff about PHP sql and all other complicated stuff which I have no idea about. Anyway, I read the help files about how to use your own domain, but this is all thats there.

"How do I create an Addon Domain?

How do I remove an Addon Domain?

How do I create an Addon Domain Redirection?

How do I park a domain?

How do I redirect a web site or web page to another web site or web page?
How do I create a Subdomain?

How do I remove a Subdomain?

How do I create a Subdomain Redirection?

I dont want any of the above, I want to use my own. E.G

My current forum name is "www.DOMAINHERE.invisionzone.com/index.php"
but I want to use "www.DOMAINHERE.com/index.php" instead of that.

Im new to this, and was told it would all be easy for beginners, but I think someone lied ;)

Sorry if I seem a bit angry, its just im in a rush to get things sorted, and im hoping my forum would be fully up and running by tomorow, but I have a feeling it wont be.

When I was with invisionfree, usuing my own domain was simple and only took a day at most, and I was hoping this would be similar.

I appreciate everything, but all I want is one simple answer which will explain how to use my own domain, rather than getting half an answer which doesn't make sense to me, like "edit conf_global.php in your forum root to change the address in there to your new one", because I have no idea where/what forum root is, or confglobal".

Could someone please point me in the right direction as to where I can find a step by step easy guide on how to use my own domain? I'd appreciate it ALOT.

Also, I know this isn't a support forum, but i'd appreciate it if someone could just help me out.

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Do you need technical support?

You can obtain support via the client area, or you can try to obtain peer-to-peer support at IPS Beyond.

Did you find a bug in IP.Board?

If you believe you've found a bug please post it to the bug tracker.

Have a suggestion or feedback?

Post it here. Thanks!

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I have been helping you over on IPSBeyond, with detailed replies etc. What you are wanting to do is very easy but a bit tricky to explain. As i have a 1&1 domain and two boards (one IPS hosted and one hosted elsewhere) i know the procedure for 1&1. I have tried to explain each part step by step and which options to pick at each stage etc.

Topic link for the curious... > http://www.ipsbeyond.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27415

One thing to bear in mind is IPSBeyond is mainly customer-to-customer support. Not really offical support as such. Im just a customer like you.

Hopefully you have resolved this issue now :)

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