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Global Moderating powers.

Guest Father Jack

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I came across this discrepency on the IPB v2.2.1 board and took it up in a ticket.

I wrote:

Another issue has arose to which I would like to ask your help if I may.

On the previous IPB board, we had the option of allowing moderators / global moderators to see member IP's

On this version, that option does not appear to be available, and that Global Moderators can see all the member IP's

It also appears that they can edit member profiles, signatures etc.

I would like to remove that option.

Yes, I want Globals to be able to moderate across the forums, but I want the member IP's to be kept private and I don't want Globals to be able to edit member profiles.

I have searched the board settings but to no avail.

Can you help?

Many thanks

IPB reply:


Unfortunately there is no way to limit this. The code checks to see if the member is a global moderator, if so, it shows the IP.

There may be a modification to change this. I would recommend visiting our official resource site www.ispbeyond.com

Thank you,

I cannot find anything relevant at ispbeyond
I replied:

Could I suggest it's an option included in the next board update.

As Admin/Owner, I'd like to have the ultimate decision on what my management team can see as regards the personal details of my membership.

The ability to maintain the memberships integrity and privacy should be at the Root Admins discression alone.

Presently, Globals can also edit the personal profile, signatures etc, of the membership as an automatic setting........ as with the IP's.

I also feel that the ability to do that, should also be an option for the Root Admin to decide.


I'd hope that our colleagues at IPB will take this suggestion onboard!
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@Jack: Someone typo'd. It's ipsbeyond.com, not ispbeyond.

@W13: Possible. Allow them ACP access, and go to Admin (tab) > Manage Restrictions. Type in their name, and set it as you like. Unfortunately, you have to do it for every individual moderator - it isn't group based, but it should be as an option.

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