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Warn System Improvements

Guest Nils

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There a three things I don't like about the current warn system:

1) No per-group setting for viewing other members' warn notes - you cannot let groups view warnings without giving them super-mod rights
2) No 'unlimited suspension' - there are cases where I want to ban a user, not just suspend him temporarily. I know I can just suspend him for 9999 days or something similar, but I would like to have a real 'ban' option.
3) Suspension data saved in serialized format - the fact that the suspension data is being saved as a serialized array in the MySQL table makes it unnecessarily hard for people to use that information.

Any chance you might fix these things in a future version?

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I don't respond to every suggestion, and we're not working on the next version of IPB presently. ;) But to address your questions generally, an overhaul to our warn system is intended for the next major release.

No promises on the serialized data, but the other points are likely to be covered.

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