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request for calendar modification for the special needs

Guest Tariel Zivzivadze

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This is the idea for which I can easily device a new site, but I prefer this to be integrated with the main ipb forum. In "Integraion" I mean same base, same drive ... also limiting member groups to see this ... to say the truth there might be other added limitations, but can't think of them right now.

See this: http://www.conference.ge/stuff/format.gif

1. As you see I want standard forum header and footer removed. Calendar's specific header & footer should be placed on all files within the calendar. So I want to be able to edit header and footer for the calendar

2. Calendar should be accessible by typing http://www.conference.ge/calendar/. I want to take a new domain for that for marketing purposes. The files will be on the same host, but in the different folder. I should be able to link a new domain to this folder.

3. Each announcement should have its id, date [This is when the event is going to happen], time [the time of the event on the specified date], name [the name of the event] - as placed in the picture. There also need to be a form for entering the announcement. I should be the only one to enter that. The text will be Georgian and English, so the UTF-8 should be used everywhere. Also each of the announcements must have their own SEO friendly URLs.

4. Once a date is over, the event should be placed into the archive and be accessible as a full list of all events on http://www.conference.ge/calendar/archive/ organized in the same format [id, date, time, name].

5. As the event is added, it should appear in the list based on the date. The earliest date event should be up. This is the first criteria. if there are several events on the same date, than the criteria should be time - if the times are the same, than the time of placement of the event.

6. When I add an event, the new topic with the same title should open in a specific forum automatically

These are main features ... If there will be questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Can any of you do this for me? How much will it cost in terms of time and money?

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If you are looking to hire a programmer, I'd recommend trying on another site (you can post in the mod requests forum on IPS Beyond if you wish to see if anyone will take you up on your offer). I will leave this open as a feature suggestion topic, but this particular forum isn't really intended as a marketplace.

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