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As I have mentioned before, we are using a different board software and we are thinking about switching to IPB.
One of the most important aspects in our decision is how IPB gets indexed by major search engines like google. I think that this board (IPB company board) is not very well indexed. This board has around 1,100,000 posts and only 276,000 posts are indexed.

1. Is there a certain reason for that?
2. Does anyone get better results with their IPB board?

Our current board has 320,000 posts and 238,000 posts are indexed. We don't wanna loose all that traffic after we are reindexed.

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Probably a good 70% of our posts are not accessible to google.

We presently have 26013 topics publicly available and 252546 posts publicly available. Add another 200 other miscellaneous pages (forums, board index, etc.) and that's 278759 pages available maybe. That's 99.01% of the publicly available site indexed...? Hardly bad I'd say.

Still, if it's a concern for you, I have seen some SEO mods floating around here and there you could check out.

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That sounds good to me. :)
Honestly, I don't like seo mods very much because I've had read some bad posts at a different board about broken sites after forum upgrades.
If invision would code & distribute that plugin I would probably use it. :)

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