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PM number bug

Guest N.U.

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I thought I point this out, I don't think its a bug, but something that not being check which I'm sure can be easily fixed. Basically it has to do with the 0 messages link. If someone sends you a message and you go to your inbox and it shows you have one new message. If you delete that message with out reading it, your inbox now says -1 messages. If someone sends you another pm it goes to 0. The only way I've been able to fix it was to go in a reset the number to 0 when I had no pms so the count is right. I've tested it 3 times and each time it happen. This is with IP.Board 2.2.2. I think its just a simple bug on how the script counts the number of pms. Just something small, but I do wonder if other boards can produce the same results.

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