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Is the Invision Website built using IP.Dynamic

Guest Matt Saunders

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Lindy never said Nexus would be released in the Summer, he was talking about the Business suite (IPD AND IPN), and said that the release of the business suite is expected in mid summer, so Dynamic should come with Nexus.

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Thats good news, Matt. I truly appreciate you interacting here with many of us and leading us around the perverbal bush :lol:

I fully agree and support you waiting, fortunately SubDreamer fit my bill for the past 2 years, however I have a feeling that my site will benefit much more from IPD, especially after seeing the major improvements to IPB the past 2 years. I am in the process of finally upgrading my IPB, as I had to await for several key component authors to finish their projects.

Keep up the great quality work guys....

but hurry up, its like waiting for my drivers license or 21st birthday all over again....some 15+ years ago :P

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If you're talking about the UK, we've been in winter since about May...

Both IP.Nexus and IP.Dynamic are in the very final stages of development.


minus the fact i had to spend my money on a new monitor (old one died)

i plan on waiting to buy my second IPB license until after these are released! :wub:

hoping there is maybe some sort of discount for buying ipb +blog + gallery + these all at once :unsure:

one major question though.

will it work with the skins for IPB (with or without some tweaking) ?

its one thing to have a CMS that allows functions like login/etc to work with one another. but to look and feel as one is something totally different.(please tell me so i know if i need to get life insurance on my socks and feet....)
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