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preventing google de-indexing from spammers

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I am sure some of you have heard about the javalobby incident

search for slashdot javalobby spammer google on google.com


basically on christmas eve, spammers made 10,000+ spam posts on the forum, and since google crawls it constantly, they detected the spam and removed the site form the index, before the forum owners could clean it up.

therefor I'd like to request a new feature whereby a reply / post / topic is hidden from google and other search engines for a period of x days to give forum owners a chance to protect against such things. I think most forum owners would appreciate a 7 day delay if it gave them the chance to remove content that could hurt their google rankings. plus it would be a huge selling point for large forums.

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You have the option to moderate posts already.

You do realize showing different content from spiders vs any other visitor is actually a violation of Google's (and most other search engine's) terms and conditions right? I'd think you're putting yourself at more risk of doing something directly violative of their policies as opposed to moderating posts if it's a concern of yours.

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