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Can't logout on this forum

Guest Pⅇter

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By accident I clicked the logout link and noticed that I remained logged in, so I tried again to logout but kept login.

Might be a bug due to using ip.converge or using the new login method with the email address...

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I have experienced this (as have some of my members) on my board so it can't be a converge issue, does anyone know a) How to reproduce the problem and/or b) If a bug report has been filed?

No, it's a converge issue. :rolleyes:

When we installed Converge, because we're on two different domains, and some of the Converge updates depend upon IPB updates which we haven't applied yet, it's hard to get logged out sometimes. Deleting your cookies at the bottom of the board index does the trick.

If you are experiencing issues on YOUR site and aren't using Converge, you need to submit a ticket.
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