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Suggestion: Limit Topic Subscriptions

Guest Harald Ponce de Leon

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As this is not a current feature of Invision Board 2.2.2, I have been advised to make a suggestion for it in this forum channel.

I would like the possibility to enable/disable members (or user groups) to be able to subscribe to forums and be notified by email when new postings have occurred. In addition I would like to define the number of topics a member (or user group) can subscribe to.

I don't know what the relationship is with banned users and their topic subscriptions, so being able to set this at the user group level would be ideal.

Currently there are no such parameters so there is nothing stopping community members to subscribe to each and every topic on a forum to create a negative influence on the mail server.

To give an insight about how many topics community members are subscribed to, execute the following sql query:

SELECT member_id, count(*) as total FROM ibf_tracker group by member_id order by total desc

This query shows the member id and how many topics they are subscribed to. This does not include the number of forums the member is subscribed to, only to individual topics.

My top member has 528 subscriptions. My idea is to limit this to 10.

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10 seems low... 528 does seem high tho :P. Most those subscriptions are most likely old and never used so maybe a better feature would be a cleanup tool that cleans up member subscription if they haven't been active for X time. Maybe create some of these tools for the members so they could tidy up their subscriptions themselves.

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There is an option already for old subscriptions. "Remove subscriptions with replies older than X days" or something along those lines. I'm for an upper limit as it would prove useful in situations like this person's.

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