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  1. Hi InvisionPower Team.. It would be nice if the "Follow this forum" button is not shown at all for regular members when they cannot view topics other members have posted in a private forum. The button is currently only hidden for guests and has absolutely no function for regular members. It would also be nice if user groups could be selected that have permission to view topics others have posted in a private forum. Currently only admins and moderators are able to view all topics. Example: admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/forums.php: if( ! $this->memberData['g_other_topics'] or $topicfilter == 'istarted' OR ( ! $this->forum['can_view_others'] AND ! $this->memberData['is_mod'] AND !in_array($this->memberData['member_group_id'], $this->forum['can_view_others_groups']) ) ) { $add_query_array[] = "t.starter_id='".$this->memberData['member_id']."'"; } Kind regards,
  2. Feature suggestion: Remove the mention link in the profile pane when the topic has been archived.
  3. Hi Pavulon.. There seems to be a problem when using the @ symbol inside a code block, for example: if (@is_readable('/dev/urandom') turns out as: if (@[member='IS']_readable('/dev/urandom') Kind regards,
  4. Fantastic! That problem has been fixed. Thanks!
  5. Hi Pavulon.. Thanks for the update! There seems to be a bug when clicking on @Mention when the members name contains a ' character, eg One's Two. Clicking on @Mention scrolls to the top of the page. Kind regards,
  6. Hallo. Von wo kommst du her? Nun sag nicht vom Jahr 2007 ;-)

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