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Automatc MSN contact adding

Guest Mark

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This only works in IE (obviously) but it's a neat little piece of javascript I came accross today and added to my own forum, and it works well, thought you might want to add it in :)

In skin bit personal_portal_main find this:

<{PRO_MSN}> <span id='pp-entry-contact-entry-msn'>{$member['_msn_name']}</span>

Change it to this:

<{PRO_MSN}> <span id='pp-entry-contact-entry-msn'><a href = "msnim:add?contact={$member['_msn_name']}">{$member['_msn_name']}</a></span>

Now when you click on an MSN address in someone elses profile, if you're using a recent version of IE and MSN Messenger, it will automatically add them to your contacts list.

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Even if you don't use IE, it doesn't hurt, the link just won't do anything.
If you wanted you could use something like this instead:

<{PRO_MSN}> <span id='pp-entry-contact-entry-msn'><a href = "msnim:add?contact={$member['_msn_name']}">{$member['_msn_name']}</a></span><![endif]--><!--[if !IE]><{PRO_MSN}> <span id='pp-entry-contact-entry-msn'>{$member['_msn_name']}</span><![endif]-->

<!--[if IE]>

That would make it only clickable to IE users, and display it how it currently is for firefox/opera/etc users.

I thought it was a nifty feature - I saw it on an ad for a MSN robot and thought "that would work quite well if put on IPB" - I thought it would be a massive code, but when I saw how simple it was, I thought I'd post :)

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They did have something similar to this back in like 1.3 (or 1.2). Basically for all the im clients it opened a new pop-up that allowed you to start a conversation with the person, check if they were only, and add them to your list. No idea why this was ever removed, but I'd like to see it again :)

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