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a great honour for the staff!

Guest Jean

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Hello ,

I just wondered when i will post this message? I reached a decision that it will be "Today". :P
I'm happy to say you that you worked very well with your support-client-center each time i submitted a ticket.

My experience with IPS Support was very good
It was the right choice to choose in your products ,so ,

Thank you very much! ;)

Note: Please move this topic if it's not the correct place ,to create this topic.

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I "bumped" your topic so that it would come to the top of the list of threads, get new exposure, and hopefully some posts. :thumbsup:

"BUMP" =

Ok :) I understood but it was not my question. I said "oh" that because i didn't understand why you wrote me "Bump" (in the smile).

So After two minutes i understood this meaning :P

Thanks for the feedback Jean! :)

Thank you for replying :) and i'm very happy to meet you with my experienced support

Yes, thanks for the feedback and I am pleased we finally got your username sorted out yesterday too :D

Ok :) it is not terrible :)
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