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Guest Coastie

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When updating a bug to Status: Fixed, that is not so helpful to us little people who are reporting and suffering from the bugs.

Along with that status change, many times Staff will post the simple text Fixed, or Fixed for the next release

It should be more specific. It should say something like...

Fixed for 2.2.3


Fixed, updated main download at 1745 23Feb07

this way we know when and where to get the fix.

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It's a feature we'd like to add to the bug tracker - we have multimod tools in there that are mostly used. To do what you are suggesting, presently we have to reply to the bug topic. What I'd like to see added is a field that I can just type in the current version # (or next version # or something) next to the multi-mod tool and this will be added into the report with the "Status changed to Fixed" text.

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